The Danish Professor Jensenius.

Pateof - by scientists

Pateof was founded in 1982 when Professor Jensenius needed certain implements for laboratory work and found the commercial supplies wanting. Specifically, there were nowhere to acquire trays for the rational handling of strips from Western blots, and also simple reagent trays for multi channel pipetting could not be found.

In order to alleviate this Jensenius designed plastic trays and invested in the production of mould forms.

A local producer was found and the production of high quality polypropylene trays ensued. The products have since been copied in various forms by many companies, but we believe that the design of Pateof’s products remain superior in design and quality.

Pateof has remained supplier to individual customers as well as to laboratory supply companies. The possibility of direct ordering has kept the costs of the products as low as possible.

Utensils for clinical and research laboratories

Designed by scientists
- produced by Pateof

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